Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Sophie!

It's now 11:30 a.m. on Sunday in China, so Christmas is over for Sophie. Not that Christmas was different than any other day for her. I stare at the few pictures I have of her, inspecting every detail, every inch of the only “home” she’s ever known. I’ve even tried so hard to see in the reflections on the wall behind her. The only thing I know is that for now, I don’t know much. It seems from the pictures that the orphanage is obviously very poor, but from what I’ve been told the nannies there love the children and they are well cared for. I know this is so much more important than material “things,” but it’s still hard to know your baby is sleeping all alone in a wooden crib with no mattress halfway around the world.

We do know a few things about Sophie. We know that her Chinese name is Jiang Xin Wo. We aren’t positive, but fairly certain that she is currently going by the nickname “WoWo.” She has been living in an orphanage in the Guangdong Province since she was 2 days old. She is described as being active and restless, with a ready smile on her face. They also tell us that she feels awkward in front of strangers, so I’m guessing she must be a little shy. I just can’t wait to meet her for myself!! We’ve been staring at the same 6 pictures for months.

So, welcome to our newest blog of our journey to our newest daughter! We will be leaving on January 5th to go to China to bring her home. We will there for over 2 weeks and this is where we will document our journey. We loved keeping a blog when we went to get Gracie (click here). It was a great way to not only help remember our journey, but to keep friends and family up to date with what’s going on while we are there. We hope you will join us!!

And, since it is still officially Christmas here in America, I leave you with this song (click here). It’s about a little girl in China.

Saturday, December 11, 2010