Monday, February 14, 2011

The Amazing Sophie!

Well, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted an update. But then, I look at the calendar and realize we’ve only been home for 3 weeks. Wow! Maybe it feels so long because Sophie has come SO far. It is AMAZING that this is even the same child that we met in China just 5 weeks ago! She continues to make huge strides every. single. day.

To just try to give you some idea of how remarkable she really is, we took her to her pediatrician three days after arriving home. She specializes in international adoption, so she’s accustomed to seeing these children and realizes that they are often significantly delayed. She felt that, developmentally, Sophie was about on track for a 9 month old baby, but with her eating deficiencies, she would label her even further behind. She feels certain that Sophie spent most of her time in her crib, with little to no stimulation, and we are positive that she was never fed anything except a bottle. She did not know how to eat. She still doesn’t know how to eat solid foods, but we’re working on that. She refused to put anything in her mouth at first, even once she did start eating. She would only eat it if we put it in her mouth for her, even the M&M’s. She would fight us if we tried to use her hands. Well, now we are in the process of going through all the toys in our house because, finally, she is starting to put things in her own mouth! Also, when we got her, she could not crawl. She now crawls like a champ. She could barely walk. She now follows us all over the house. She didn’t grab things that were put in front of her. Now, she reaches for everything around. She didn’t play. Now, she plays all day. And, best of all, she wouldn’t smile. Now, she doesn’t stop smiling, and neither do we! We are so proud of her and all of her hard work!

We feel so blessed that God chose this child for us. We still don’t understand all the reasons for everything that she has had to go through in her life before we were united, but we are so grateful that the Lord, not only chose us, but opened our hearts to hear his call to adoption. Can you imagine if we would have missed it??

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Happy girl crawling around on the floor.

We get this a lot. :)

Gracie and Andrew taking advantage of the nice weather.

~Emily and Sophie~

Sophie enjoyed her first snow, as long as she stayed in Daddy's arms.

Sweet Sophie!!

Gracie LOVES for them to match!
Now, if only she would cooperate so I could get a cute picture of it. :)

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and for Sophie to get to where she is today! God has shown me, once again, that NOTHING is too big for Him. Five weeks ago, I don't think anyone who knew Sophie would have believed how AMAZING she would be doing today. Your prayers made a difference! Thank you so much!!


  1. I'm a grandmother (Nai Nai) to two wonderful girls adopted from China. The youngest one (also a Sophie) was very slow to bond and developmentally behind for her age. She is now going on five and unbelievably smart and so loving. Love and patience makes such a difference.

  2. What a blessing!! Ed and I are so excited for you guys. Time is sure flying by. It seems like our time in China was so long ago. Hudson is doing well. He will have some tests on Tuesday for his hearing and vocal chords, and his palate surgery will be April 28. But overall, he is doing great. He is loving his sisters and all of the attention he gets now. It is such a blessing to see God at work in his life. I echo your comments about adoption. I am so thankful that we didn't miss this blessing!! Take care and keep in touch!!

  3. How amazing to see what the love a family does! Yeah Sophie look at all the things she has learned and accomplished already! So glad to hear she is doing so well! What an amazing journey! Blessings friend!