Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm back :)

I realize it’s seems I’ve taken a break from the blog, but it’s really been unintentional. I actually had started an update 2 nights ago, but Little Miss Sophie woke up in the middle and never really went back to sleep very well. Then last night, I was just really tired. Anyway, I’m back.

Sophie has really done remarkably well these past couple of days. I know that David filled you in on the Safari trip yesterday. I had every intention of carrying her through the park all day, but then the train ride was the first thing we did. She really surprised us with how much she opened up on that ride. She was laughing and playing with us, and babbling away. She had not really laughed out loud like that up until that point. We really felt like that was a turning point. She and David had a great bonding that day, which, I believe, led into an even better day today.

Now, we didn’t get to do anything as exciting as the Safari today, but we did get off the Island and do a little shopping. We really haven’t been off the Island since we got here, except for a trip to the Carrefour, so it was still exciting for us. We feel like we’ve been here on this Island forever. But, since yesterday went so well, we thought we would take a little walk. Again, she let David carry for a large part of the trip, and she spent a lot of this time playing with him and even leaning in for kisses. Speaking of the kisses, I haven’t even mentioned those yet. They are the sweetest thing. She won’t kiss yet, but when I kiss her, I usually kiss her on her forehead, and she will, oftentimes, lean her head in for me to do it again. So sweet! There have even been occasions where she will lean in for a kiss all on her own!! She’s a snuggle bunny, too. :) She’s really quite an affectionate little angel, which is, I’m sure, why she’s having such a difficult time. It just breaks my heart. That was what I had begun writing about the other night before I got interrupted. ;) I’m still just so heartbroken for her. I know that she will be fine, and I know that this is a good thing for her and her future. And, I know how much she WILL have, but for right now, she’s in a place NO ONE would want to be in. Just try, for one minute, to put yourself in her shoes, even as an adult, much less a child. Can you imagine being taken away from your whole life – everything – and be thrown into this whole new life, new faces, new places, new smells, you have no idea if these people really even care about you or not – you don’t even know what they are saying to you!! All of sudden lights are flashing everywhere, noises you’ve never heard are blaring in your ears (remember her orphanage had nothing – bare walls, no toys, the bare minimum). I feel so sad for her, yet so proud of her. As hard as this must be for her, she is starting to trust us. She’s taking little steps every day. She's just becoming happier in general. You can see it in her face, in her actions, in everything about her. We are so thankful for this! There are still many insecurities. She doesn’t want to put down for even one second, among many others, but that’s ok. I don’t blame her. Like I said, I can’t imagine what it must really be like for her. But, we’ll get there, and when we finally do, we may not even realize it right away. :)

Again, thank you all so much for all your prayers! They are truly appreciated, and they are definitely being heard! :)

Two nights ago in our hotel. Much better even then! :)

The train ride at the Safari. (Safari on Wheels)

Out shopping today. A happy girl! :)

“…If it all just happened overnight, you wouldn’t know how much it means.”


  1. So happy it's getting better. Love the picture of little Miss Sophie.

  2. She is adorable, glad to hear things are getting better.
    She resembles my daughter (2), when you get a chance, check out my blog & see what you think.
    I love following your journey :)

  3. Great to hear it is getting better. Remember to give it all to God and your load will get easier. We all look forward to seeing you soon. Have a safe trip back, we miss you very much.


  4. What a wonderful post and such wonderful news! The quote you ended with is so true and certainly so appropriate for all the 2 of you and Sophie have been going through.
    Love the photos of happy Sophie!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I am so thankful to hear things are getting better! God is so faithful! Can't wait to see her in person! Praying for continued blessings for all of you!!

    lynn lott <><

  6. I am counting the days until you get back.

  7. I'm a grandmother (Nai Nai) to two wonderful girls adopted from China. The youngest one (also a Sophie) was very slow to bond and developmentally behind for her age. She is now going on five and unbelievably smart and so loving. Love and patience makes such a difference.